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The Mega Rental Car Deal Returns: Cheap Rentals Out of Florida

February 13, 2012 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

Each and every year the rental car companies call upon intrepid road trippers to help them out, as they have just too many darn cars hanging out in the Sunshine State. Start planning where to go and when to travel, as one-way rental cars heading out of Florida can be had for a steal.

Hertz is leading the rental car convoy this year, and they’re doing it with the $5 per day deal. There’s really no catch, as all you have to do is promise to rent a car in Florida and return it to another state. Book now and do your thing on the open road between April 24 and June 12, and you should be all set. The code you need to use is "DRV5,” but if you click right here you should land right at the booking page.

Economy and Compact cars are the cheapest options, but if you want to upgrade to an SUV or other gas guzzlers they’ll make you a deal as well. There’s over 30 different states where you can return your one-way rental, but Maine, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado all sound like good options.

Other rental car companies are getting in on the fun too, but their rates are slightly more expensive. Alamo and National—they’re rental car buddies—are offering up deals for as low as $19.95 per day; however, they’ll let you keep your car for up to three weeks and some options start as soon as the end of March. That means you can head down to Florida for Spring Break, and just take your sweet time driving back to where you call home.

Avis is offering a similar deal—between $20 and $30 per day—and you’ll need to reference the AWD code S780700 if you’re looking to cash in on the deal.

You should have plenty of time to plan your spring road trip, but we wouldn’t wait too long before booking. After all, you don't want to be stuck with a PT Cruiser.

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Archived Comments:

Invalid for Hertz

http://www.hertz.com/rentacar/specialoffers/index.jsp?targetPage=floridadriveout.xml&Category=Q The dates in the Hertz link have not been updated for 2012 and their Live Help says they are not offering this deal as of now. Can we get confirmation on this?

Oops! Sorry!

We might have jumped the gun with the Hertz deal, as we didn't notice that those rates are from 2011! Avis and National are offering up 2012 deals right now, but we wouldn't be surprised to see Hertz sooner than later.

We'll let you know when things get even lower!