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Tel Aviv Voted World's Top Gay Travel Destination

February 1, 2012 at 1:39 PM | by | Comments (0)

Israel tourism has been in an upward spiral over the last few years. Every year brings a new crop of travelers to the Jewish State—reflected in now-routine "this was the best tourism year ever" headlines—and they go home and tell their friends. That's how you end up with niche surveys about the popularity of Israel travel, like Israel being the number two destination for Russians.

Obviously part of Israel's tourism revolves around the country being a destination for religion travel. Jerusalem is and will remain by far Israel's most-visited destination (see our insidery tips for making the most of a Jerusalem visit here and here). But other parts of Israel are becoming famous for appealing to other demographics.

Forest-filled Haifa recently got the nod of being Israel's cleanest tourism city, part of a campaign to bolster green travel to and around Israel (El Al passengers flying from LHR to TLV can even purchase carbon off-sets).

And then there's Tel Aviv, which has just been voted the world's single best gay travel destination.

The competition wasn't particularly close either. In a global survey taken by GayCities.com and American Airlines, 43 percent of respondents voted for Tel Aviv. Second-place was New York, with a meager 14 percent. The beach city has long been something of a party town—street life doesn't really begin to shut down until 2am or 3am—and that won't change any time soon as clubs and bars spring up to handle the influx of tourists.

Quote: "at The Block Club, a blond drag queen twirled and bopped as the vampire-fanged DJ spun his records." The city is even becoming a bit of a foodie destination, something we covered over multiple posts when we dispatched a Jaunted writer there for a Tel Aviv field trip a few years ago.

Israel has somehow managed to create two cities—Jerusalem and Tel Aviv—that are the top travel destinations respectively for religion travel and gay travel. Quite the neat trick.

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