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Santa's Spending His Pre-Holiday Sitting Around London-Heathrow Airport

December 6, 2012 at 10:05 AM | by | ()

Airports across the country and the globe are starting to get in on the seasonal spirit as trees, lights, tinsel, and other stuff begin to decorate ticketing counters. At least one airport will be taking things to the next level by bringing in their very own Santa to celebrate the holidays.

Officials at London-Heathrow have one more employee on the payroll this month, as their very own secret Santa is now roaming the departure and arrivals areas. Apparently the airport is ready to offer up 24 days of what they’re calling “unexpected surprises,” as this secret Santa does his thing to put travelers at ease.

He’ll be handing out little prizes and presents for those waiting for their flights, and that’ll probably be a good idea for those waiting for delayed—and delayed—flights. It’s not just socks and underwear either; it sounds like they’ll even be giving out as many as six iPads for those arriving in the United Kingdom during the holidays. Other goodies include watches, teddy bears, and winter survival kits from Oakley. Facebook postings will hint at what Santa’s up to on certain days, and maybe even clue you off to what he’s got in his sleigh.

We don’t have any plans to head to or through LHR this season, but it sounds like they’ve got the warm and fuzzy feelings covered—well, at least what you can do when confined to the airport.

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