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Colonel Sanders Joins the Mile High Club with Fried Chicken on Japan Airlines

Where: Japan
December 5, 2012 at 9:44 AM | by | ()

Last year we saw Japan Airlines develop a taste for junk food, offering Mos Burger on select long-haul flights from Japan. Now the airline will be getting into the festive holiday mood with some KFC meal boxes for US routes, including Dreamliner flights.

Passengers flying from Tokyo-Narita in economy and premium economy will have the option for some original recipe fried chicken on the second service. The specially designed meal box will feature a drumstick, breast filet, coleslaw and lettuce leaves. The folks of KFC have even created an exclusive flatbread for the Air Kentucky Fried Chicken menu.

JAL has noted the popularity of the fast-food chain, especially during the holiday season, and hopes a lot of travelers will choose the 'finger-lickin' good' option. We honestly can't see the connection, but whatever floats their boat. Call us crazy, we might just stick with the in-flight Krispy Kreme; they may be fewer calories and a not as messy.

The fast-food option is available from the beginning of this month to the end of February.

[Photo: JAL Facebook]

Archived Comments:

Ewww that's gross.

Fast food belongs in a food court. Perhaps JAL haven't see the gross people lining up for their KFC fix. Do their seats come supersized too?