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El Al Makes a Funny, Offers Up Free Tickets to Israel

Where: Israel
December 4, 2012 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

We’re sure that airline ticketing agents have heard every excuse under the sun when it comes to why passengers need a better seat, an upgrade, or just a spot that’s a little more convenient. Instead of just ignoring our need to whine our way into a better seat, El Al has embraced it—kind of. The carrier just posted a video illustrating some of their favorite upgrade excuses, and we’ve got to admit it might have given us a chuckle.

There’s a pretty bad impersonation of JFK, as someone tries to get a discount to business class since the airport’s named after him. There’s a woman pregnant with a basketball and also a guy who stands on his buddy to show how uncomfortable he’ll be on the flight thanks to his long legs. Just check it out above if you want to get the full picture.

It’s all part of a marketing gimmick to show how easy it is to upgrade, but that’s only assuming you’re willing to pay for the pleasure. El Al’s Economy Plus is available for around $150 each way, and that gets you access to a little more legroom and some snazzy footrest. It’s hardly an upgrade to the front of the plane, but if you need the extra space at least it’s an option.

To round things out El Al is also getting in on the Facebook fun, as they’re ready to give away some airline tickets. As always you need to “like” them before you get down to business, but after that it’s not too tricky. Enter between now and January 16, and you will get a chance to score two round-trip tickets—in Economy Plus—over to Israel. There’s also ten Ahava amenity kit things being given away as well, so at least you might get to bring home some lotions and a tote—happy clicking.

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