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Same Snacks, New Chairs: A Peek at the Redesigned United Club

December 26, 2012 at 11:59 AM | by | ()

2013 probably won't be the year of the airline club since that designation really belongs to 2012, but don’t tell the designers and organizers over at United that. After changing the name of their lounges following their merger with Continental, it looks like United is going all in with a little bit of a revamp and renovation to the United Club.

It all starts with one of the clubs over at Chicago-O’Hare, as the airline has released a sneak peek of what things will look like in Terminal 2.

To our eyes, the new design mimics the stylish lounges for long-haul travel, and by that we mean that they’re skipping the domestic carrier coffee-machine-and-a-comfy-chair look. Think a dash of Virgin's panache, but without all the additional features—and food and beverage—that come along with a true international airline lounge experience.

The new example lounge is a 13,000 square foot space, and it features a lot of the same stuff you have come to expect from a United Club. There’s a bar—for those early morning pick-me-ups—as well as plenty of flat-screen televisions so the news anchors can do their thing all day long. Same snacks and same free WiFi, but the new furniture, colors, and texture mean lighter tones and a much more contemporary look. Chicago Business Journal was able to score a full look inside, and they have a couple more opinions and pictures.

It’s going to be quite a few years before all the United Club locations are spiffed and spruced but, if things go as planned, like $50 million is going into the fixes for 2013. That’s at least a decent start.

[Photo: United via Chicago Business Journal]

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