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How Many Times Have You Circumnavigated Earth in 2012?

December 26, 2012 at 9:37 AM | by | ()

Not our map, but a sample

112,425 miles.

Does that seem like a lot? It is or it isn't depending on how much you yourself fly, but this number, our personal 2012 total for miles flown, represents a year of new adventures.

The number comes courtesy of the free website FlightMemory.com, where anyone is welcome to sign up for an account to then enter travel itineraries for detailed stats. We recommend getting on that now, before 2013 plans command your attention from the fun of 2012.

Miles tracking on FlightMemory is as involved as you want it to be; ranging from the basics (airports, dates, airline, flight number) to the advanced (airplane type, registration, seat number and class), all resulting in sweet, sweet statistics to brag about share at the dining room table or at the airline lounge bar. Our particular favorites are how many times we've circumnavigated the Earth (4.51x), total different airports (28) and average flight length (2,294 mi, 4:39 h).

Oh, and there are totally maps.

Some tools like TripIt can visualize your travel data similarly, but we'll admit to not totally keeping everything up-to-date on our TripIt; many details of flights just don't make it in there and seat or aircraft changes totally happen. Instead, we've made it a habit of entering details straight from our boarding pass into FlightMemory the moment we hit home or the hotel after a successfully completed flight, while it's still fresh in mind.

If you're thinking, wait—you totally traveled way more miles if trains/boats/cars are added in, then you may want to think about upgrading to the paid Premium version of FlightMemory, which not only tracks all that as well but also allows for zooming in on the route maps. We've always been good with the basic, free version, but hey—2013 could be the year you travel 6x around the Earth and every counted miles helps!

[Snapshot: FlightMemory]

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