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Your Moment of Zen: A Time-Lapse Trip on a Lufthansa A380

December 21, 2012 at 1:49 PM | by | ()

We have a theory when it comes to enjoying seatback in-flight entertainment. You're either an Airshow person or not. By Airshow, we mean that channel that constantly rotates between the moving map and stats of your flight, like outside air temperature, speed and time to destination. Those passengers who are Airshow people could easily leave the seemingly boring channel on through the entire flight and be sufficiently entertained, whereas a non-Airshow person flips from movie to 30 Rock rerun, to playing Bejeweled.

This post goes out to all you Airshow people. The Airbus A380 is totally the plane for you. You see, it goes above and beyond the Airshow channel to offer three additional channels, each with a livestream from a camera on the exterior of the plane. One looks down to the ground below, one looks out front—a pilot's view, and the third looks over the entire plane from the rear.

Finally that last magical view has been captured and time-lapsed to show the progression of a roundtrip flight on a Lufthansa A380, from takeoff at FRA to landing at SFO and back again. Warning! The video, from Pilotseye.tv on YouTube, causes extreme wanderlust.

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Airbus A380 or Boeing Y3 Project

Airbus A380 or Boeing Y3 Project. What's peoples opinion on these two?

I think the Airbus is the better of the two because it's currently in delivery. The Boeing Y3 is part of the yellowstone project. That project is to produce three aircraft to replace Boeing's currently marketed aircraft. The Y3 is going to be the third one to be developed, which means it is very far off. At least seven years. Probably more like ten. It will be amazing when it arrives, but it can't really be compared to a current aircraft, as it is really just a concept.