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Ryanair Has the Perfect Job for People Who Hate Other People

December 21, 2012 at 3:51 PM | by | ()

Ryanair does not necessarily have the best PR and communications shop in the airline industry. The Irish LCC has been known to respond to negative press by throwing childish hissy fits, and its understanding of social media outreach involves insulting customers.

Part of the problem is that Ryanair PR is one of the hardest jobs in the world, since they've got to justify nonsense like instituting intentionally grating fees and selling heart attack-stricken victims soda. But it's hard not to suspect that another part of the problem is simple bad staffing. No one says the job is easy, but surely this stuff isn't helping. Right?

Well we're about to find out, because Ryanair is on the search for a new communications director. We're going to give you the link in a second, but be warned: it's exactly as obnoxious as you'd expect. You know how you sometimes you meet an asshole, and they try to make a joke or be self-deprecating bout it, and that just makes things more aggravating because you want to tell them that they don't get credit for a genuine personality flaw that everyone hates about them?


"Years of being battered and abused by [Ryanair CEO] Michael O’Leary."

"We look forward to recruiting another brave soul to take on the worst job in Irish PR."


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