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Scoot Adds Cities and New In-Flight Meals, Keeps Airfare Super Low

Where: Singapore
December 20, 2012 at 3:43 PM | by | ()

While it has been some time since we last talked about all things Scoot, that doesn't mean they've been quiet and content in their newbie airlineness. Quite the contrary. The yellow planes have been scooting all over the region, from Singapore to some new destinations, and they've even been making some friends!

It's old news now, but worth a second mention that they're due to get some Dreamliners

With more and more planes being added to the Scoot family, the airline is getting cozy with its neighbors at Changi International. Scoot and Singapore-based budget carrier Tiger Airways have decided to make nice, hooking up to expand their respective reach in the region. This partnership opens up new possibilities, like Saudia Arabia, India, Cambodia and Vietnam.

When we flew Scoot ourselves, we mentioned that the meals were good, but nothing special. Well, they have added a new premium meal option to the menu, depending on the route. The focus is now on destination-specific dishes, like a Cabernet lamb dinner from Australia or pork belly with mai cai from China.

Despite these changes for the better, the airline is still keeping their fares low. From Singapore to Qingdao, one of their newest destinations, it's still $98 SGD for the basic economy fare and $298 SGD in ScootBiz. Very nice indeed.

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