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Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants Threaten No-Smile Strike During Holidays

Where: Hong Kong
December 17, 2012 at 11:23 AM | by | ()

Here's some news of a looming airline strike just in time to throw a wrench in holiday travel plans. This time it's Cathay Pacific and, instead of reduced flying schedule or cancelled flights, the cabin crew will be cancelling meals and reducing smiles.

Last week, Cathay's flight attendant union asked for a 5% pay increase, but the airline only offered an additional 2% with a 13th month bonus. The union isn't cool with this and voted to withhold meals, drinks and smiles from passengers during the busy holiday season. If it comes down to not serving some food, the union will notify passengers to bring their own food aboard.

If carried out, this will be a huge change for the constantly smiling and very attentive cabin crew. As with many Asian carriers, Cathay is known to have some of the best service at 36,000 feet and there is no doubt that a smile ban or meal service reduction will impact the passenger experience.

The details of the exact industrial action have not been finalized, nor announced yet. A few other options to make their voice heard would be working to rules and slowing down operation as well as an actual picket line. Either way, this comes at a very inconvenient time and just the thought of missing out on this, this, and this makes us sad.

[Photo: Cathay Pacific]

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