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Five Awesome Retro Travel Ads for New Zealand

December 14, 2012 at 11:16 AM | by | ()

Yesterday we showcased the vintage travel ads of Australia and now we will jump across the 'ditch' and show you five of our favorite ads from the golden years of travel in New Zealand. Just like Australia, New Zealand is far away from many things and it takes a good amount of travel and time to get anywhere. Wanderlust may even run more rampant on the small islands of NZ, as the constant dreaming of far off lands is pretty common.

Before Air New Zealand went super creative with their marketing, most of their ads were all about showing the pristine beauty of the virtually untouched nature and its native Maori heritage. Keeping true to the South Pacific location, while offering passengers lamb for dinner and sheepskin covered first class seats.

This poster we could imagine seeing on the wall of the local travel agent as it highlights the traditional Maori culture and the coveted wood-carvings that make for great souvenirs. Part of the ad is the nationality make-up of Kiwis. We can't imagine that would make the final cut today.

Before Air NZ, TEAL (Tasman Empire Airways Limited) dominated the skies for high-flying Kiwis. This ad pushes their popular Coral Route, which once flew passengers to the tropical South Pacific Islands for relaxing holidays.

Probably one of the earliest tourism posters for New Zealand, this little gem is pretty provocative for the time, but safely shows the natural beauty of the Wonderland of the Pacific; and if you had any questions —maybe how to get a date with the model— you can contact any of the offices.

Although not an ad for travel, this one above shows a few modes of transportation and is cool in its own right. It's an ad for the country's Centennial celebrations in 1940. Similar to the World's Fair, but on a smaller scale, participating countries had their own pavilions and showcased their respective cultures of the time.

[Photo: TEAL, Air New Zealand]

Archived Comments:

Love this style!

There was a time when I redecorated my office at work to look like a 1930s travel office. We all were road warriors and brought back good coffee, golf tickets and signed Hooters menus from each trip. But the travel office theme elevated our trips to a whole new level of sleuthing for antiques. The walls ended up looking like Disney's (now defunct) Adventurer's Club - masks, idols, travel posters, framed tickets from the 1930's, models of float planes and airships. Then the office was flooded by Hurricane Katrina and the paraphernalia was removed to a warehouse. Most of it is still in my basement waiting for the next time I'm part of a freewheeling gang of traveling corporate trainers. Great artwork, great memories.