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Three Cheers for In-flight Ice Cream

Where: Turkey
December 13, 2012 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

We’ve known that Kobe Bryant has been doing his best to sell the services offered of by Turkish Airlines for a little bit, and we guess the airline has been happy with their investment. Well now they’re tapping their talent pool once again, and this time Kobe is teaming up with famous footballer Leo Messi for a new commercial.

You can check it out above for yourself—it’s worth a chuckle—but basically Turkish Airlines is showing off their great service. However, they’re doing it with ice cream.

A kid sees the athletes on board and immediately wants an autograph, and both Kobe and Leo are offering up tricks to outdo one another in order to gain the kid’s attention. However, balloon animals, card castles, and of course some sports skills are no match for the flight attendant. Once she walks down the aisle equipped with ice cream it’s all over, and the autograph session ends before it begins.

[Video: Turkish Airlines]

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