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Five Awesome Retro Travel Ads for Australia

Where: Australia
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We often find ourselves rummaging through boxes in antique shops with an eye out for vintage travel ads or memorabilia. Heck, it's even fun to browse through some replicas of vintage posters just to peek back into time and see how tourism was actually portrayed and marketed. In all honesty, this may be a little obsession of our own.

Australians have always been an adventurous bunch, probably because they are so freaking far from everywhere else and it takes getting on a plane to see anything outside of the nation. As for the continent itself, Australia has been the destination for beach-goers and surfers for many years and it's not a surprise to see the beach culture embraced in travel ads.

Art deco images boasted hot sun and sand featuring swimmers as scantily clad as current society would permit. Have a look at one of our faves here.

Trans Australia Airlines, started in 1946, played a major role in forming what is now a booming business of Australian aviation. The airline touted themselves as the friendliest way to fly with a simple tag line of "Fly TAA the friendly way." Although it sounds a bit familiar from our very own United, TAA had it first. Eventually, the airline was renamed Australian Airlines and shortly after taken over by Qantas.

Back in the 1950s, Qantas was just starting to explore an expanded network and positioned themselves as the carrier to fly Aussies with the inauguration of the Round The World Service. If you like the Harry Rogers cartoon series prints, the airline even sells certified replicas here.

For those from Europe who wanted to head down under via cruise, there was (and still is) P&O Cruises, which sailed from London and Marseilles every two weeks, stopping in Egypt and Ceylon. The ships brought many British expats to their new home from 1945 to 1972 and it's no wonder the cruise line is an Aussie stand-by for modern-day cruises around the region.

Train travel was quite affordable way to travel and see other parts of the country. The Trans-Australian Railway wanted to send eager passengers across the country in the comfort of a rail car. Before flying it would save days on the days on the normal trip that took weeks at the time.

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