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British Airways Crew 'Gangnam Style' Their Way to Seoul

Where: Heathrow, London
December 13, 2012 at 7:10 PM | by | ()

When British Airways launched their new route to Seoul on 2 December, we were disappointed that they didnt seem to have made a big deal out of it (other than the amazing launch fares, which they released last month). Turns out they were waiting until this week to do a proper launch a huge party in Seoul, with cabin crew doing Gangnam Style dancing to send off the flight packed with BAs great and good, and half the UKs business press.

The crew were led by Ola Jordan, one of the professionals on Strictly Come Dancing (the UK verson of Dancing With the Stars). But forget Ola and her fetching red dress were in love with the guy on the far left, who looks like hes having the time of his life. Put him on our next flight, stat!

Perhaps it was the T5 joie de vivre or too much Korean plum juice, because the Seoul launch was also marked by Willie Walsh channeling Michael OLeary by mouthing off about the Delta-Virgin hookup and then threatening to kick Richard Branson in the goolies. We cant wait to see how he can possibly top that when BA launches its next new routes: Lanzarote and Sri Lanka both have potential.

[Photos: British Airways]

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