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Even Australian Police Hate Apple Maps

Where: Australia
December 11, 2012 at 10:50 AM | by | ()

We've already talked about the problems with Apple Maps and how we miss Google Maps as a standard feature on our iPhone. The former has renamed cities, created new land masses and even directed us down some thru roads that ended abruptly with a dead end sign. Even Apple sacked the guy who created the application last month.

Now, Australian police have gotten involved with their hatred for the navigation app. No, you wont get arrested for using the maps, but you might get lost and they don't want that to happen.

The police force in the Aussie state of Victoria have issued a warning for motorists using the faulty appl. After a number of drivers have found themselves stranded in the outback for up to 24 hours with little to no food or water. In particular, the country town of Mildura is Apple-mapped in the Murray Sunset National Park, when it's actually about 35 miles away. Temperatures can reach up to 115 degrees F, so this is not the place to get lost.

The full release can be viewed here. From the looks of things, not only is Apple feeling the heat from customers, they're feeling the heat from the, well, heat.

[Photo: Victoria Police ]

Archived Comments:

Maps is so unreliable.

It tried to take me through a dead end street before.... nothing like that "looks like I'm on my own" feeling. I'm nervous to use this as a means of navigating a foreign city on my travels.