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Who Will Be the One Billionth Tourist of 2012?

December 11, 2012 at 11:59 AM | by | ()

Wait for it...

This Thursday, it's estimated that the 1 billionth traveler of 2012 will cross an international border. While we can't promise balloons and confetti before the ink from the passport stamp even dries, we will say that over here at Jaunted, we are pretty darn excited.

Why? Essentially, this is one billionth of the reason why we love travel. Meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and seeing things once only reserved for the wealthy just a few decades ago are all reasons to go now. One billion is more than a record-setting number for world tourism; it's hope for the future, as more venture outside their comfort zones and come to a better understanding of this Earth. Reaching the billion mark in December 2012 means we'll easily surpass that number for 2013.

The most popular destinations for international tourism are actually not so exotic, with the top five being Paris, London, New York, Antalya, Turkey and Singapore.

This many travelers in one year means about 1 in 7 people are taking off to foreign lands and exploring. It all begs the question; where are you going? And, who will be that 1 billionth tourist?

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Well that's a surprise to read that Turkey is in the top 5. What am I missing out on?