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The FCC is Telling the FAA to Chillax Over Electronic Usage During Flights

December 10, 2012 at 8:24 AM | by | ()

Unfortunately itís not quite time to start leaving your electronic do-dads in the on position during taxi and takeoff, but once again it seems to be a point of discussion. This time itís not passengers protesting about their right to bear iPhones, but itís one government agency bickering with another.

Now itís the Federal Communications Commission taking a stand, as they seem to be just as fed up with having to stay out of touch with friends and family for like the first twenty minutes of a flight. Since this is the government weíre talking about a letter is necessary, so the head honcho over at the FCC has written a note to the big cheese over at the Federal Aviation Administration requesting a revision to current electronic policies.

Basically the FCC wants the FAA to chill out with their rules and regulations, and to allow anyone and everyone to use their electronics during all parts of their flight. This isnít anything new, as back over the summer the FAA reported that they were looking into things to see if their policies and procedures still make sense. It's all kind of funny, because apparently the FCC also has some rules about cell phones and airplanes that might need to be changed up as well.

For now itís definitely still business as usual, and nothing too new is really going on here. However, the more complaints and comments, the sooner weíre thinking that the rules might start to change. Until thenóbe sure to listen to the flight attendants and switch Ďem off.

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