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From the Adriatic to Evian: A Beach Chat with Diane von Furstenberg

December 10, 2012 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

Fashion designer/global mogul Diane von Furstenberg needs no introduction. There's so much we could say about her, from her international career path to her time as a member of the "jet set" when that term meant something, but it's the simplest thing we'll speak of now: her relationship with water.

DVF's mantra is a simple one: "Love is Life." Recognizing that one cannot live to love without the sustaining power of water, she's collaborated to design the 2013 limited-edition designer Evian bottle, wrapping it with that very mantra. To promote it, Diane jetted up to Art Basel Miami Beach from Brazil this past weekend, which is where we caught a moment with her, heels sunk into on the sand at Soho Beach House.

The water (as you can see from our photos) was ridiculously tempting that day. Little aqua waves broke on shore and so we asked the globe-hopping Diane for a few of her favorite places to go for a dip.

"I love swimming in the Med, of course," Diane began. "Italy foremost, but recently the Adriatic as well. Croatia! Oh, and Greece! Now that I'm frequently traveling to Asia, I think of the waters of the Pacific more."

Confessing that she much prefers jumping in from a boat to gingerly wading in from shore, DVF also admits to having tried scuba diving. "I'm much more of a snorkeler, though; my husband is a scuba diver, so I watch him from above."

That husband of whom she speaks is media mogul Barry Diller. It's with him she occasionally hops on yachts or private jets, taking snaps as she goes of her new Evian bottle. It's kind of an ad for private jet travel—that ability to freely skip from country to country, exotic beach in the Mediterranean to exotic beach in the Pacific, all the while bringing onboard whatever size liquids you want!

As a side note, Diane von Furstenberg's commercial for American Express remains one of our favorite TV ads ever:

American Express - Diane von Furstenberg from Craig Mannion on Vimeo.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher]

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