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Four Airplanes Sporting Their Best Movember Moustaches

November 8, 2012 at 2:36 PM | by | ()

BA's mustachioed A319

If you can't tell by all the weird weather, it's definitely November. And that means Movember! "Movember" (moustache November) has, over the last few years, become more and more popular around the world as a time for guys to grow a moustache to draw attention to prostate cancer and men's health issues. It's essentially the male version of women wearing pink during Breast Cancer Awareness month (which was October), so just as airplanes love to sport pink tails, they too get in the spirit of Movember.

For 2012, four airplanes are sporting moustaches. In order from least to most facial hair:

British Airways' A319 (pictured above)
How much facial hair: A proper moustache in a style the airline calls "the connoisseur."
Why? To up awareness for the airline's November charity initiative to raise more than £80,000 for the Prostate Cancer Charity. It also hits home as BA's former CEO Lord Marshall suffered from the disease.

Qantas' 737-800 (registration VH-VZO)
How much facial hair: A trim moustache, the URL movember.com, and a bit more on their charity, on the side.
Why? To show Qantas' support for Movember and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is actually a survivor of prostate cancer. His was discovered and treated, but he notes: "if it weren't for early detection, there is every chance I would have been dead within 10 years."

WestJet's Next-Gen 737 named "Mo Boe"
How much facial hair: This no paltry 'stache. It's borderline western handlebar.
Why? According to the press release, 2011 saw WestJet President and CEO Gregg Saretsky participate on his own in Movember, raising $85,000 and becoming one of the top individual Movember fundraisers in the world. For 2012, he's doing it with his airline, as a team. Their plan is to raise far more than that for prostate cancer research and men's mental health initiatives. There's a contest, too! The Canadian organization with the highest employee participation by percentage in Movember will give two round-trip tickets to anywhere WestJet flies to be used for their fundraising purposes. Catch the quirky skits on their YouTube, passenger Movember antics on their Facebook, and donate directly on their Movember team page.

Virgin America's #FlytheBeard A320
How much facial hair: A full, thick beard (all the way up the sideburns) and moustache.
Why? It actually has nothing to do with Movember, but we're counting it anyway. Virgin America enjoys a partnership with the San Francisco Giants. The Giants' player Brian Wilson sports this sort of full-on facial hair and VX decided their plane could as well. Let it be noted that the aircraft's actual name is "Fly Bye Baby."

[Photos/video: British Airways on Facebook, Qantas on Facebook, Virgin America on YouTube]

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