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Lady Liberty is Just Another Victim of Hurricane Sandy

November 6, 2012 at 10:28 AM | by | ()

Before Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy roared into the area last week, the Statue of Liberty was just recovering from her most recent nip-and-tuck. Her interior visitor areas were closed for about a year for the extensive renovation and upgrade, but now it looks like the Statue of Liberty is closed for business once again as a result of the recent weather.

Liberty Island is now shut to visitors for the foreseeable future, but thankfully it appears that the Statue of Liberty held her own as the wind, water, and waves made their way through New York Harbor last week. Apparently the grounds were flooded and things aren’t really looking too great. The National Parks Service has been pretty good at updating their Facebook page for both Ellis Island and Liberty Island, so you can head over to check out some additional pictures and information.

As of now it seems like they’re hesitant to speculate about when things will open back up to the general public, but from the pictures we’re thinking that it might be quite some time. If you had tickets through the official ferry service provider you’ll have to contact State Cruises. Call 1-877-LADYTIX or send a message to info@statuecruises.com, and hopefully they’ll be able to get things rescheduled for you sooner than later.

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