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Inside Delta's SkyClub at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

November 6, 2012 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

US airlines are surely not known for stunning domestic lounges with great design, nice (enough) food, and comfy areas to sit and relax before squeezing into airplanes for a flight. That's why it comes as a surprise we actually enjoyed ourselves when we stepped foot inside the Delta SkyClub at Minneapolis/St. Paul. It boasts tons of space, thoughtful design and free Wifi, just what we wanted.

Upon first entry, we noted the sleek entrance highlighted by the clean blue glass that makes the space bright and fresh. After a little hang-up flashing our Virgin Australia Velocity frequent flyer gold card, we were pointed in the right direction to sit back and relax (and eat Biscoff). With MSP being a major hub for Delta, the airport offers two SkyClubs (one near Gate C12 and one near the entrances to Concourses F & G; this is the latter).

Big, comfy chairs with high backs and built-in cocktail tables are perfect for solo travelers wanting a little privacy. Located on the lower of a split-level lounge, this bank of chairs are close to the windows for lots of natural light. All in all, it makes a perfect spot to hang out and get some work done if your devices are fully charged (since there were no power plugs easily accessible in this area).

For a little recharging, there are plenty of other areas including a small bank of PCs for those preferring to travel tech-free. Each of the work stations had outlets for charging, but we noticed that many people took advantage of the free natural light and unplugged the lamps to use the outlet. Well thought-out design apparently overlooked the handheld device craze.

Many domestic lounges we have visited fail miserably on the food and drink front, but this is where Delta bats .500. This particular lounge, along with about 15 other Delta SkyClubs in the system, offers a premium beer, wine, champagne and spirits menu for purchase while still giving away basic house drinks for free. We like that.

What we don't like is the minimal selection of food. A few mini muffins and bagel halves underneath a plastic bubble isn't so appealing and neither is the steaming hot cauldron of thickened oatmeal. For this early flight, we had luckily thought ahead to grab some breakfast before starting for the airport.

Overall, the lounge served its purpose of being a quiet area with comfy chairs to grab some wireless internet and recharge our phone. A refreshed design was a perk that we didn't expect, but truly appreciated. The food left a lot to the imagination, reminding us that we were traveling domestically and not jet-set international.

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

Archived Comments:

Incorrect concourse, should be concourse F/G

The club you took pictures of is between concourses F/G. It is not the club in concourse C. Also, the pictures are labeled incorrectly.


Thanks! Got them mixed up, but all is fixed.