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American Airlines Says Sorry for the Delays, Offers Up Double Miles

November 6, 2012 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

Several weeks ago things weren’t exactly going well for American Airlines. Pilots weren’t happy with the airline, and flights were canceled all over the place. Customers—and even politicians—were less than thrilled about these flight delays and cancellations. To make matters even worse there was that whole ordeal surrounding some loose airplane seats on some American Airlines flights.

American Airlines clearly recognizes what they did wrong last month, and now they’re trying to make it up to everyone with a little bit of an apology and promotion. They’re sorry for both the delays and cancellations, but also for screwing up the plans of their passengers. We didn’t miss our grandma’s birthday, but we’re betting an in-flight snack that someone did.

To repair the damage and to make some new friends it’s time for American Airlines to win back some business, and they’re doing it by offering up double elite frequent flyer miles. It’s not just routes to stinky spots either, as this time they’re awarding the bonus on each and every flight. You do have to register in advance, but between November 1 and the end of the year you’ll be getting one step closer to enjoying the perks of their elite status.

Things are even better if you already have elite status, as you'll earn double elite qualifying miles and redeemable miles. Your flight home for the holidays—or that last minute business trip—just got that much better, but again, just be sure to register in advance. A couple unwanted flights you have to take may just get you that much closer to a flight you really want to take.

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