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Delta Doubles Down with a Pair of New In-Flight Safety Videos

November 5, 2012 at 9:03 AM | by | ()

A few years ago Delta kind of hit the jackpot with their in-flight safety video, as it became instantly recognizable due to its star—Deltalina. Flight attendant Katherine Lee was soon the face of the airline—at least to many—and even scored her very own Wikipedia page. Despite all the success of the video it’s now time for a changing of the guard, as Delta is switching up the safety video for the first time since around 2008.

There’s a couple different flavors of the video, and you should start to see them pop-up on a seat back screen near you. The different video versions—which were both shot over at Detroit-Metro International Airport—pretty much share the same basic information, but each has a different flight attendant and a different set of jokes.

The humor in the video is kind of subtle, but we found ourselves chuckling at a couple different parts. It gets across the message with a smile, but it doesn’t get too over the top—we’re looking at you Air New Zealand. If you don’t have time to watch there’s a bonsai tree under the seat in front of you, placards reminding you not to jungle chainsaws, and business travelers stuffing pictures of luggage into the overhead bin.

However, our favorite little joke is the shadowy figure of Abraham Lincoln during the life vest spiel—check it out around 3:10 in video number one. As for Deltalina there’s no need to worry, as she’s in both videos making a cameo to remind us that smoking isn’t allowed along with that famous finger wave.

[Photo and Videos: Delta]

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