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Cheap Flights Mean Cheap Eats with Ryanair's New Onboard Menu

Where: Europe
November 5, 2012 at 2:44 PM | by | ()

Our favorite European LCC we love to hate has revamped one area where they score a few extra bucks in the air. Ryanair is now flying with an upgraded in-flight menu, meaning you may not need to "fast-food up" in the airport before boarding, thus ending the Scent of McDonald's in the cabin.

Should you choose to dine on the refreshed menu, named The Getaway Cafe, you'll find it isn't your typical snack box selection. Finally, something more than a short-stack of Pringles! The menu is chock full of "hot" and kitchen-prepared food, including ham & cheese croissant sandwiches, fresh pastries, chicken nuggets and hot soups—because there are no blankets on-board.

Even though Ryanair doesn't even come close to flying near the US, they have paid homage to typical Americana fare with hot dogs (ketchup and English mustard are included), hamburgers, french fries and meatball subs. Prices range from 1.50 Euros for a bowl of cold cereal with milk, all the way up to 6 Euros for the sub sandwich.

The airline surely knows how to make fun of themselves in the beverage section as they recommend to quench your thirst "because the toilets are still free" and, with each purchase, a "free printed receipt" will be offered. For any of the meal deals, the airline promises there will be no "fuel surcharge" for ordering a combo meal. We can only hope that these jokes all stay jokes.

[Photo: Ryanair]

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