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Too Cool: Check Out Our Instagram Profile

November 6, 2012 at 6:16 PM | by | ()

Instagram. Let's talk about it (again). Yes, we're still in love with it and yes, we're still in love with all of you who share your travel photos and allow us to see and comment on them, sharing tips and #travelcats.

This week, Instagram has made all the sharing easier than ever with the release of a "profile page" for each user. Don't freak out if yours isn't live yet—everyone will get one eventually. Ours is up and running, and we'd like you to check it out, even if you're not an Instagram user. Why? Because, for the first time, non-users of Instagram can easily scroll through images on non-private accounts.

As always, all of our Instagram shots are from our very own travels, from our smartphones, usually on-the-spot as we move about the world. For example, while making it back to the US after Hurricane Sandy, we shared with you this beast we met at JFK and the Zeppelin Hangar which you'll soon see more of in an upcoming story. So really, the images can also be spoilers. Shhh.

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