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Air Canada, US Airways and JetBlue Do This Week's New Route Thing

November 30, 2012 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the new route announcements that come our way, so we’ve complied a little bit of a rundown below. As long as you can afford the fares, this should definitely help add to your passport stamp collection.

· US Airways:
If there’s one international destination easily accessible from the United States it’s got to be London, and it’s soon going to be even easier thanks to US Airways. The carrier is getting ready to link Charlotte with London-Heathrow, and the flying fun will be done thanks to some of the airline’s Airbus A330s.

US Airways already flies nonstop between Charlotte and London, but the flights are less convenient for some as the flights land over at London-Gatwick. We kind of have a hunch that the Gatwick flights will eventually be dropped in favor of the new Heathrow options, but for now it sounds like nothing has become official. The new flights between Charlotte and London-Heathrow are set to start this spring.

· Southwest:
Southwest isn’t quite yet ready to head south of the border, but thanks to their buddies over at AirTran they’re one step closer. It sounds like Southwest—through AirTran—has their eyes set on another international destination, and this time they’re planning to connect Denver with Los Cabos.

Nothing is official as of yet, but the airline has sent an email over to Uncle Sam asking for permission to start linking the two cities. The thing is that only a certain amount of flights can head back and forth—and they’re already at the limit. However, Southwest is kind of mad that Frontier and Republic are hogging one too many of the options, so they’re ready to add their blue-bellied planes into the mix.

· Air Canada:
Even though the winter season is just starting to do its thing, it’s already time for airlines to start thinking about their summer schedules. Air Canada officials have been at hard at work thinking of where to send their planes during warmer weather, and it looks like they’ll be quite busy in 2013. Beginning on June 4 they’ll start nonstop flights between Toronto and Istanbul, and it sounds like things will continue all year long three times per week.

That’s not it for Air Canada either, as Toronto will also have a nonstop link over to Seoul—again thrice weekly. Finally, there are plans to boost existing service too, as they’ll also add three more weekly options between Toronto and Beijing also at the beginning of June.

· Asiana Airlines:
Let’s just add this option as a potential leg of your around-the-world itinerary. Asiana Airlines just started to connect Seoul with Vladivostok, Russia. The new nonstop options do their thing aboard Airbus A321s, and with connections out of Seoul and Moscow you probably can get pretty much anywhere you need to be after a little site trip to Vladivostok. You’re probably not going to be using this option anytime soon, but you never know.

· JetBlue:
We’re pretty sure we mentioned this some time ago, but we thought it was worth talking about one more time. JetBlue just started up service out of Providence, Rhode Island, as they’re looking to connect even more residents of New England with warmer weather. Yesterday was destination number 75 for JetBlue, as flights out of Providence started to Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale.

Just as a reminder, there are a couple flights per day between each city pair, and the flights are scheduled to do their thing all year long. The introductory airfare options are long gone, but we’re sure that there are many that will be paying the premium to escape the winter weather during the next few months.

[Photos: markyharky and BriYYZ]

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