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Sandy's Still Screwing Up Travel Plans, But JetBlue Will Help You Out

November 30, 2012 at 10:41 AM | by | ()

It’s been roughly a month since Hurricane Sandy did its worst up and down most of the east coast, and there’s still plenty of rebuilding and recovering left to be done. Airlines were pretty forgiving with change fees and cancellation options last month, but now it looks like one carrier is bending its policies once again.

JetBlue is waiving certain change fees yet again for those affected by the storm, as they realize that people’s vacation plans are probably now screwed up as well—or just way less of a priority thanks to Mother Nature. Those who were scheduled to get away during the middle of February are now allowed to change or modify things with some restrictions.

Those scheduled to travel to or from certain New York area airports like JFK, Newark, LaGuardia, Newburgh, and White Plains can voluntarily rebook their flights. The flights need to have been scheduled between February 14 and February 25, and customers will be responsible for any airfare changes. JetBlue realizes that many school vacations aren’t happening as scheduled due to the lost time after the storm, so a week away might not be possible so soon into 2013.

You’ll need to give JetBlue a call to get things done—1-800-JETBLUE—and they’ll get you all set. The travel can be rebooked without a change fee, or there’s an option just to cancel things and receive travel credit back. Flights must have been booked on or before November 28, and all changes and cancellations need to be completed by the end of December. Well done, JetBlue—thanks.

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