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Give Others a 'Peek' at Your Perfect Day to Win $1K

November 30, 2012 at 12:09 PM | by | ()

One thing we liked when we checked out the Peek—a Jack Dorsey-backed travel start-up which offers curated travel activities—was the Perfect Day section, in which various celebs and tastemakers (the likes of Tory Burch, Piers Morgan, Devon Aoki and French Laundry’s Timothy Hollingsworth) all put together sample schedules for a day out in a destination of their choice.

Now, since that went down a treat, they’re opening the feature up to the little people like you and me and sweetening the deal with a $1000 site credit for the person voted the best Perfect Day curator.

The idea behind the feature is simple. It's “an online library full of the best travel tips around the world written by local experts and your friends.” You know how when friends are in town, and you write them a list of places to go? It’s like that—a spread of things to do from morning to night, plus a hotel recommendation. In fact, if you write your list up for Peek, next time someone visits, you can just send them the link, where everything will have been uploaded into a funky little map with photos (a bit reminiscent of Foursquare Lists...hmm).

You may write (and update) as many Perfect Days as you want, and vote on those by your fellow travelers, which is where the competition comes in. The Perfect Day with the most votes as of December 20 gets $1,000 in Peek credit. To enter, click here.

There are already plenty of destinations up there, from the US to Asia, Europe and South America (we dig Singapore and Amsterdam so far). We’re still waiting for the sales side of the website to expand beyond a few cities in California (LA and the East Coast are due imminently, apparently), but in the meantime, for some helpful travel planning, this is definitely worth a...um...Peek.

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