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Why You Should Care About Qantas' New Ride

Where: Australia
November 30, 2012 at 11:36 AM | by | ()

Last weekend, when we were waking up from a food coma or watching one too many football games, Qantas got the keys to a brand-spanking new aircraft. The A330s will be replacing some aging 767s to take passengers from coast to coast in comfort, but they'll also ease pilot frustration in the cockpit.

The Red Roo plans to implement the widebody services on all weekday flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Perth. All passengers will be able spend the approximately 4-hour flight immersed in their own person TV entertainment system.

Sounds great, right? There's just one issue. Since the release, the airline has gotten a lot of criticism for putting a middle seat in business class. Although passengers will not be seated in them, it is a waste of space with a plastic shroud-like "workspace" table over the seat. Our friends at Australian Business Traveler even got a cheeky nod from the CEO regarding their coverage at the most recent press conference.

Now, we did mention something about pilots. Well, they will be using some iPads in the cockpit. Like other airlines, these tablets will be chock full of plane manuals, navigation maps and other flight deck tools. The more interesting part of the flight deck technology is that it will come loaded with an application created by Airbus themselves.

Qantas is one of the launch customers for the Electronic Flight Bag app called "FlySmart." Although it's available from the iTunes Store for free, you'll need an Airbus of your own to put it to good use. So best to leave this flying to the pros.

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