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Emirates' Crew Will Take Their Tablets Just as the Doctor Ordered

November 28, 2012 at 10:05 AM | by | ()

Initially it was just passengers getting access to in-flight entertainment in the form of all those tablet devices, but slowly we’ve seen the technology find its way into the hands of cabin crews as well. From pilots to flight attendants it seems like everyone is getting in on the touch-screen fun, and now it looks like another airline is doing the same.

Emirates has just plunked down a chunk of change for a whole bunch of HP ElitePad 900 tablets. These will be powered by Windows 8 and should be arriving up in the air at sometime in January—they’re kind of like on backorder. The airline says that the new tablets will be loaded up with what they call KIS—or Knowledge Driven In-Flight Services. This provides all kinds of tidbits of information based on the airline, on the flights, the passengers, and pretty much everything else.

It seems like they just wanted to get the announcement out there before anyone else, so details are limited about how these will be used to interact with passengers. Obviously they said something like these will be used to provide great customer service, but other than that we’re not so sure. Keep an eye out for them when flying with Emirates, and be sure to let us know how they work—even if it’s just to help you get a Diet Coke.

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