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Infographic Alert: Onwards and Upwards, American Airlines

November 27, 2012 at 12:33 PM | by | ()

Even though 2012 isn't quite over, we might all agree that it hasn't exactly been a banner year for American Airlines, with the bankruptcy and those seats that didn't like to stay bolted in. Come the calendar turn to 2013, they are ready to make sure everyone knows the last year is behind them and they've got an infographic to prove it.

From new and refurbished planes to improved cabin experience and in-flight WiFi, this infographic has a lot to say and it actually does its job of making us excited to try out all the new bells and whistles in the coming years.

You can head over to AA and check out the full infographic.

Make sure you run that mouse over the pics to click for more information since there are links to the full webpages and heaps more info to guarantee you're the most clued-in traveler in the Admirals Club. For our next transcon, we can't wait to catch some new Mad Men episodes on our own iPad in a lie-flat bed.

[Photo: American Airlines]

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