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Inside the Newest (and Largest) Lufthansa Lounges at Frankfurt Airport

Where: Frankfurt International Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
November 28, 2012 at 5:42 PM | by | ()

What do you do when you've just built an airport addition that, in itself, is the size of a whole other airport? Well, if you're Lufthansa at Frankfurt International, you fill it with some superlatives like, say, the largest lounge in the entire system.

This is the case at FRA's brand new A-Plus Concourse, where the LH Senator Lounge on the non-Schengen departures level takes top spot. Its 23,000 square feet easily beats the 19,400 square feet of the airline's next largest lounge, which just happens to be next door in Terminal 1 proper. In total, A-Plus adds five sparkling new, sprawlingly spacious lounges to the roster: a First Class Lounge, a Senator Lounge and a Business Lounge on the EU Departures and Arrivals level and, on the non-European area (Non-Schengen area), there is a Senator Lounge and a Business Lounge.

Now that we've shown you around the rest of the A-Plus Concourse, it's time to have our boarding pass checked, grab a Frankfurter Allgemeine and a tall, cold glass of Franziskaner beer and have a good look around a couple of these spaces.

A note on our photo galleries:
It probably shouldn't surprise you that we focused on that largest lounge, the non-Schengen Senator one and its upstairs sister lounge for Business Class. As passengers were the lounges, we tried to be as discreet and respectful with photography as possible. All these shots were actually taken with iPhone instead of our clunky, paparazzo-chic DSLR and we couldn't access some nooks, like the darkened nap room in the Senator Lounge. Additionally, when you inevitably make it into the First Class lounge, you'll have to let us know how it is; even we can't peek into that realm without a top-tier ticket (though a Swedish website has a few photos).

What you'll find inside:
Both the Business and Senator lounges boast buffets of food and beverages, multiple bar-style seating areas, a TV and chaise lounge relaxation zones, work cubicles with computers, free and fast WiFi, outlets at nearly every seat, private shower stall restrooms, and views of the aircraft at their A-Plus gates. They differ, however, in the luxury of the materials used and the general hubbub (the Senator lounge usually has fewer guests and is more spacious).

What we liked:
The leather chaise loungers separated by diffused light panel dividers, facing a backlit forest wall. Pretzels—gotta have good German pretzels on hand, and there always are within these lounges. The views, which thanks to the lounge's location at the elbow of the A-Plus Pier, angle out towards the tails of all those superjumbos.

What needs some work:
The views are great, but the windows are covered in frosted glass stripes which make photography challenging. There's no non-Schengen entrance to the First Class lounge.

Watch a video tour
There's a very nice one within the Lufthansa press site.

How to get in:
For the Business Lounge, you'll have to fly Business Class with a Star Alliance airline. For the Senator lounge, you may fly in any class so long as you hold either Lufthansa Senator or Star Alliance Gold status and have a ticket for a Star Alliance flight. Admittance to the coveted First Class lounge is limited to those flying First Class or holding Lufthansa HON Circle status and flying on a Lufthansa, Swiss Air or Austrian Airlines flight.

Disclosure: We traveled as a guest of Lufthansa, but rest assured that all photos and opinions are completely our own.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher/Jaunted]

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