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A Lesson from British Airways in How to Annoy David Beckham

November 20, 2012 at 11:13 AM | by | ()

Beckham and BA in happier days, carrying the Olympic flame

You’re on a plane with a celebrity. What do you do? Stare? Snap a photo for Facebook? Attempt interaction? For us, if we were sharing airspace with David Beckham, we’d probably try all three. And we’re not the only ones, because according to the Sun, Becks has had to have words with British Airways because the cabin crew keeps on getting starstruck.

Beckham flies regularly between LA and London, and, by the looks of the article, usually picks BA—perhaps because traditionally their crew would have been as surly to him as the person in row 63F.

But, as we keep noticing the BA staff getting customer-oriented, it seems they’re getting a bit over-friendly with Golden Balls. And, as a “source” told the Sun, being overattentive and lining up for autographs is one thing. Photographing him while he sleeps is quite another.

David will sign autographs and pose for pictures until the cows come home. He is well known for going the extra mile for fans. Nevertheless it was a bit disconcerting watching young BA crew members queuing down the aisle for autographs during flights.

His privacy must be respected, and being startled as he rested during a flight was the final straw.

Yep, a trolley dolly took a picture of him asleep and woke him up with the flash. BA has confirmed that there was an “incident,” and offered Beckham fulsome apologies. Beckham, meanwhile, quit LA Galaxy last night. Unrelated, we're sure.

In the meantime, ladies, here’s a pro tip. Turn off the flash, angle yourself nonchalantly towards the celeb, and pretend to be texting. We did that with Zach Braff at baggage claim earlier this year, and he was so oblivious that he even helped us with our suitcase.

[Photo: David Beckham’s Facebook Page]

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