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Free Airport WiFi Goes Down Under Thanks to Qantas

Where: Australia
November 2, 2012 at 12:18 PM | by | ()

Qantas is rolling out a new technology initiative for all of its passengers. It's like music to our ears and comes in the form of free WiFi. This may not sound like news as we have told you before that the airline has been trialing in-flight WiFi, but this time the web-surfing can be done on the ground.

The Red Roo is outfitting its major airports with complimentary wifi for passengers just passing through the terminals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The general airport access is in addition to the lightning fast wireless internet that frequent flyers love in each of its lounges.

With the launch of the airline's Instagram new account, we can only hope this makes it easier for travelers to post their plane shots. A few words of caution: please steer clear away from the dreaded Instagram "Black Bar Syndrome". We're looking at you, Qantas!

Perhaps the free WiFi can be used to research your next destination. The airline has build an "airplane" around one of the moving walkways in its Sydney domestic terminal. Shaped and painted like a fuselage of a Boeing 737, the sculpture features various destinations on the inside to spark some interest in future journeys. Fresh ideas for new travel is always a good idea.

[Photo: Qantas/Instagram]

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