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Gogo's Got Three Holiday Deals for Your In-Flight Surfing Pleasure

November 19, 2012 at 1:46 PM | by | ()

Happy holidays from the folks over at Gogo, as itís time once again to offer up some holiday savings on your in-flight connectivity needs. After all, you will need to check in on your way home for Thanksgiving this week, maybe to see if you need to stop at Costco for that oversized pumpkin pieóall at 35,000-feet of course.

The Gogo Holiday Jetpacks are available in three flavors, and each comes with a cute name and an equally adorable little logo. Up first is the Gogo Turkey 2-Pack. This is available between November 17 and November 25, and for $14.50 youíll score access to two all-day passes redeemable on any Gogo equipped flights.

Next is the Gogo Holiday 3-Pack which includes three Gogo All-Day Passes from Nov. 17, 2012 to Jan. 3, 2013. That one will set you back $19.50, and it's the best overall deal at a 54% discount.

Finally thereís the Gogo Reindeer 2-Pack that you can utilize between December 22 and January 3, but this isnít available for purchase just yet. Itíll set you back $14.50 beginning on December 10, so donít forget. Unfortunately Gogo canít rescue you from holiday crowds, security lines, or other travel disasters, but weíre pretty sure some WiFi access from the comfort of your tray table will make it a little bit better.

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