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Virgin Atlantic Adds Scotland to Their 2013 Agenda

November 19, 2012 at 3:16 PM | by | ()

Can we please have a moment of silence for airline BMI, which ceased to fly the skies earlier this year as it was sold and snatched up by International Airlines Group (ah hem British Airways).

[Moment of silence].

Okay, now we can be a little happy as it's just been announced that some former slots of BMI at London-Heathrow Airport have been awarded to Virgin Atlantic on the platform that, according to Virgin, "without the remedy slots, [British Airways] would continue to fly from Scotland to Heathrow uncontested but Virgin Atlantic said today that domestic flyers would now have a compelling alternative."

All this is excellent news especially for travelers from North America who opt to fly Virgin Atlantic to London, but then are forced to switch to other airlines to continue with short-haul Europe travel.

The airline will primarily focus on routes between Scotland and Heathrow, running multiple daily flights from Edinburgh and Aberdeen to London Heathrow commencing March 31, 2013. But now you're thinking, with what planes? We know; Virgin Atlantic can't exactly deploy their long-haul planes for these tiny routes, so they'll be leasing some Airbus A320s (like their buddy Virgin America uses!), so stay tuned for future announcements on what those aircraft will look like, inside and out.

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