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Booking a Flight on Finnair Now Means Choosing from Six Ticket Flavors

Where: Finland
November 15, 2012 at 10:58 AM | by | ()

Fresh off their partnership with Marimekko it looks like Finnair is already back in the news, as they’re spiffing up some of your passenger options before you even board the plane. It all starts when you go to book your flight, as the carrier has all kinds of new ticket types from which to choose.

In total they’re introducing six levels of tickets which will go up for sale beginning at the end of November. First of all, all ticket flavors will thankfully include one free checked piece of baggage, and they’re even throwing in a meal or beverage service. After that things get all crazy, as you’re welcome to package amenities and options with your ticket.

For example, Business is the fanciest option—that’ll get you a seat up front, lounge access, priority airport service, fully refundable fares, and like, double Finnair Plus points. After that the included perks go downhill with the most basic option being Saver, which gets you a non-changeable and non-refundable seat, a checked bag, and a meal or beverage depending on the route.

In total the new options—from great to not so great are—Business, Business Saver, Pro, Value, Basic and Saver. We like to think of them as Extra Spicy, Spicy, Bold, Mild, Original and Low Sodium. To us the jury is still out on if this is a good idea or not, but plenty of carriers are doing similar stuff.

Next, once you figure out all those ticket options and book, it does get a little bit easier.. Just like British Airways, Finnair is ready to check you in for your flight automagically. Starting November 28, the carrier will check-in passengers and zap over a boarding pass right to their mobile phones—slick. If you didn’t already pick a seat you’ll be assigned one, but it sounds like they’ll build in a link for you to switch things up. Thanks, Finnair.

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