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We Want to Go to There: The Giant Roller Coaster Staircase

November 15, 2012 at 2:08 PM | by | ()

Is it a roller coaster? Is a staircase? Um, well, what you see above is actually a combination of both. Oh, and it's also an artwork.

Blog Spot Cool Stuff spotted this...cool stuff...and now we're obsessed.

Sitting in the German town of Duisburg, about an hour outside of Düsseldorf, this interactive sculpture encourages the public to get up and walk its rails. There'll be no roller coaster cars barreling down the track towards you, as the entire thing consists of good old steps. In fact, the piece's name, "The Turtle and Tiger," plays with this:

The moniker is an oblique reference to the structure’s sort of optical illusion. From a distance it looks very much like a roller coaster (the “tiger”). It’s only when you get close up you realize that the biggest adrenaline rush on offer comes from the walking up the stairs (the “turtle”) and taking in the superb view.

During the day, the views of the indutrial Ruhr town are apparently worth the hundreds of steps. At night, the entire structure is still climbable so long as its lighting system glows, giving the steel structure a freaky silhouette. Freaky can be good. We like freaky. Time to return to Düsseldorf.

[Photos: Spot Cool Stuff]

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This is a great roller coaster

I wish I could experience to see this giant roller coaster.