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Time to Start Putting the Pieces Together on British Airways' First 787

November 14, 2012 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

When it comes to scoring their very first Boeing 787, airline officials over at British Airways are pretty far back in the line. That means there will be no new Boeing under the tree this holiday season, but we think they’ll be okay. That’s because the assemblers and engineers have once again taken out the airplane directions, and they’re starting to put together the pieces for the very first British Airways 787.

The first 787 is set to join the fleet as soon as next May, and in total there will be around a couple dozen of the new airplanes. That’s not the only new puppy heading into the hangar, as British Airways also has like 12 Airbus A380s on backorder as well. In fact, they’ll be the first carrier in Europe flying both of these new planes, so other airlines have been warned.

New routes and destinations haven’t exactly been announced as of yet, so we’re thinking that we’ll have to hold back our excitement until early in 2013. Until then just imagine the new airplane rolling down the assembly line—that’s exactly what we do when we’re bored.

[Photo: Boeing]

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