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A Funky Floral Finnair Plane is All Thanks to Marimekko

November 13, 2012 at 9:29 AM | by | ()

A few years ago we might have been surprised to hear that an airline was teaming up with a design brand to promote their fleet, but that’s not the case anymore. Cynthia Rowley has helped out United, Kate Spade and Richard Tyler have done a little designing for Delta, and most recently Banana Republic leant some uniform ideas to Virgin America. Well now it’s time for an international carrier to get the designer digs, as Finnair is joining forces with Finnish label Marimekko to bring a little more style to the skies.

The plan is to bring some of the signature style to the airline as soon as this spring. There will be specially designed tableware and textiles all featuring signature Marimekko patterns, and they’ll even sell the stuff through their online store and during flights. That means that you won’t feel the need to stuff your in-flight dining materials right into your carry-on—not that we’d ever do that.

The fun doesn’t end inside the cabin either, as a poppy print from the 1960s has already made its way onto the outside of one of Finnair’s planes. The Airbus A340 is mostly doing its thing to and from Asian destinations, and it sounds like the look is a hit—as another designer livery is on schedule for early next year. The partnership is set to last for three years, but we’re already hopeful that they extend the deal well into the future.

[Photo: Finnair]

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