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Air France Yesterday and Today, in Video

Where: France
November 12, 2012 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

Happy Monday! We have recently stumbled upon a video that left us gazing into the computer screen with longing while exposing a terrible case of wanderlust. Perhaps you have spent the weekend traveling or are looking forward to an upcoming journey/Thanksgiving jaunt; either way, we think you will enjoy this Air France video as much as we do.

It begins with arrival at the airport, Paris-Charles de Gaulle in this instance, and navigates through check-in, boarding and in-flight luxuries. What makes the tiny film so unique is the juxtaposition of the retro with current AF cabins, products and aircraft.

We won't ruin the entire video for you, but we need to highlight our most notable. Just as we would expect from the French, Air France takes extreme pride in the fashion and the look of their cabin crew, outfitting them in beautifully tailored and avante garde uniforms. Also with fashion, we could only expect the copious amount of free flowing French champagne and delicious cuisine —lobster thermidor is only the beginning. Oh yeah, and the retro shots have lots of cigarette smoking going on.

The point that strikes us most is that as much as we think that air travel has changed, the video shows that, on the same token, it has stayed as much the same. Obviously depending on how much you cough up for a plane ticket, the luxuries and grandeur are still common place. Even in economy, the video makes us want to hop on a plane and go somewhere. Guess that's the point of the video.

[Photo: Air France]

Archived Comments:

Bring back the Hammock

This is well done. It's interesting to watch because we are so fast at bagging on the airline industry saying it's not what it used to be... but really after seeing this I think it's a lot more comfortable and the service is still around (excluding LCC flights). However, I wish they still had Hammocks and offered them to adults.

Hammock class

Lets think about the idea of hammocks in-flight They're unaffected (for the most part) by turbulence You can fit more people in The cost is less than a lie-flat business class seat Virtually hygienic Super light and efficient Which airline will be bringing hammock class into the 21st century?