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Where Will You Be Stuck This Thanksgiving? Let's Ask Math!

November 12, 2012 at 3:54 PM | by | ()

It's that time of the year, where we cheerfully remind you that, if you're choosing between Thanksgiving travel and hanging yourself in a closet, rope is available at every hardware store and even on Amazon. We'd never, ever, ever actually advocate suicide (seriously). But as holiday travel completionists—check out the survival list we published last year—we think it's our duty to make sure you at least know your options.

Speaking of options, Orbitz has released its list of busiest airports for the holiday weekend. We'd advise you to avoid them over the holiday break, but many travelers don't even have that option. Not to get all mathematical, but the reason those airports are so miserable and crowded is because that's where all the people are—including, statistically, you!

So if you're among the more than 24 million people traveling next weekend, enjoy that:

Most Busy Airports Nov 21 – Nov 26:
Chicago O’Hare International
Los Angeles International
San Francisco International
New York LaGuardia
Boston Logan International
John F. Kennedy International
Orlando International
Denver International
Ronald Regan National
Ft. Lauderdale International

The link also has a list of the least busy airports, but since you're statistically much less likely to end up in one of those—that's what makes them less crowded, again by definition—we didn't bother including it. Why waste your time with fantasies of not being stuck indefinitely with tens of thousands of angry travelers, when it's actually pretty likely that you're going to be stuck indefinitely with tens of thousands of angry travelers.

And finally, remember this story from last year? A woman called in a bomb threat to a Thanksgiving flight because her husband was traveling to see another woman for the holiday? That's the kind of thing that happens when you've got 24 million people all traveling the same weekend. Who knows what wonderful travel memories this Thanksgiving will bring?

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