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Inside the Lufthansa Lounge at New York's JFK Airport

Where: JFK International Airport [map], New York , NY, United States
November 13, 2012 at 1:16 PM | by | ()

Last month, Lufthansa opened the brand-spanking-new A-Plus Concourse at Germany's Frankfurt International Airport. Why's it so special? Well, among other things, it's directly designed for the biggest, baddest airplanes out there. We're talking A340s, 747s, 747-8is, and the almighty A380. This week, we'll take you inside and all around this place through which some 6 million travelers will journey each year.

Before we can have a peek around the A-Plus Concourse at Frankfurt Airport, we've got to get there first! LH 401 leaves JFK at 3:45pm and arrives FRA just after 5am, as one of the absolute earliest flights to put its wheels down at Frankfurt International each day. As you've effectively got to hit the ground running, it's extra important that those pre-flight hours are extra restful or productive. This is where the 16,000-sq ft Lufthansa Flagship Lounge at JFK's Terminal 1 comes into play.

There are three levels to this particular lounge, and naturally they get smaller and more exclusive as they go up. The first floor houses the reception desk, where your boarding pass and passport will be checked. If you're traveling in Business Class and do not have elite status, you stay on this level with its small bites buffet, ample seating and work areas and bar. If you're traveling in First Class or Business Class with elite status (like Star Alliance Gold), you'll be invited to go upstairs to the Senator level. Here it is less crowded with a better view and the same facilities, including restrooms with private showers. If you're in First Class or with Lufthansa HON Circle status, you may ascend to the third level: the private dining room, with full plated meal service before flying.

Reception was painless with no line, and the autumn season meant the lounge had apple cider on tap and a variety of apples (each with a description of flavor) wrapped for quick grabs near the entry. Thoughtful!

Heading upstairs to the Senator level, the din of downstairs' busy Business Class crowd faded away and the soaring windows brought in the sky. It's through these windows we were able to watch an Austrian Airlines flight board to Vienna, while the A380s of Korean Air and Emirates tooled around on the tarmac. The tail of our own Lufthansa A380 was reassuringly visible, and we kicked back with a sparkling water and some samosas, the latter a limited time lounge offering.

As expected, the WiFi here is free and requires no passcodes—just proximity.

Have a beer (we recommend the Franziskaner on tap), have a sit, and have a good quiet stare out the windows before it's time to move on to your next continent.

Disclosure: We traveled as guests of Lufthansa, though we have Star Alliance Gold status on our own and would have been admitted to the lounge regardless. Still, all photos and opinions are completely our own.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher/Jaunted]

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