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This is a Yacht Designed by Steve Jobs and Philippe Starck

November 12, 2012 at 4:31 PM | by | ()

Do you ever find your mind wandering into the realm of "I wonder what [insert anything] would look like if it was designed by Apple?" Of course we've already seen how this plays out when applied to computers, music players, mobile phones and even maps, but what about a yacht?!

Well, wonder no more. Steve Jobs actually did put his talents towards a megayacht design and, though he's passed, that boat lives on.

Christened the Venus, the 80m/262' beast was unveiled at the end of October in Aalsmeer, Holland. As is normal with private yachts of this size and innovation, there are no interior photos to drool over nor is there an announcement of who will actually own the Venus. Odds are good that more than a few would love to charter it, however.

As you can see in the video below, the ship's bridge eschews the usual joysticks and monitors for a clean row of 27" Macs to control operations. We wonder how many iPads are present as well, seeing as how airplane pilots sure make efficient use of them.

Luckily News.com.au shares a few more details to alleviate our intense curiosity:

The ship's main windows were designed using a special glass that Apple stores designers made to support the structure. With an aluminum hull and exterior as well as its own speed boat, the ship is thought to be both lighter and faster than your average yacht. French designer Philippe Starck helped Jobs create the sleek interior which features a jacuzzi and ten-foot high window panels for the cabins which are forty feet long, according to Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson.

Now it's really just a face-off between Starck-designed megayachts as he also had a hand in Andrey Melnichenko's A, though we're leaning towards Venus to win the swimsuit competition.

[Photo & video: OneMoreThing.nl]

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