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Infographic Alert: The iPhone 5 as a Frequent Flyer

November 12, 2012 at 10:38 AM | by | ()

Think you travel a lot? The iPhone has you easily beat, considering it does a one-way circumnavigation of the globe before it's even ready to be powered on.

At 20,096 miles, from the US companies to the several countries that manufacture it until it comes back to the US to reach your hands, the Apple iPhone 5 is only one long-haul flight away from reaching Silver Medallion status on Delta or Silver MileagePlus on United.

Looking at the route—United States > United Kingdom > Germany > South Korea > Taiwan > China > United States—it's pretty inspirational for an actual around-the-world. A traveler could claim they're on the "iPhone route" around the globe, though of course that would sounds terrifically dorky.

Check out the full infographic from MobileMadhouse below:

[Images: MobileMadhouse]

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