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Have a Drink with 'Vogue' in Dubai

October 11, 2012 at 4:36 PM | by | ()

We were a little excited, but not particularly surprised, to learn that Condé Nast has chosen Dubai as the site of the next Vogue Café and GQ Bar. That's right: next. It turns out the media brands already own several other cafes in Moscow and Istanbul (we know, we thought it was a little random too).

But expansion is the name of the game, and setting up shop in the world's most consumer-driven city seems—at least, to us—like the next logical step.

While GQ Bar will open in an as-yet-unnamed hotel later in 2013, the Vogue café will open before the end of the year inside the Dubai Mall—the world's largest shopping center—which houses 1,200 retail outlets, including iconic stores like Armani, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs. And an aquarium.

In accordance with UAE law, alcohol will not be served, though as everyone who's been to Dubai knows, hotels are where all the drinking happens anyway. That, or you just replace your alcohol cravings with chocolate.

The Vogue Café will open inside what's known as the "Shoe District" of the mall, a 96,000 sq ft space entirely dedicated to luxury footwear. Judging from reports, the café will receive all the attention it deserves needs, since Dubai Mall is not only a tourist destination for Westerners to spend their dollars and euros, but also a place where locals actually like to hang out.

Vogue is heralding the opening as its "first step into the Middle East market" (no Vogue titles are currently published in the UAE), though as far as the presence of luxury fashion brands in the hospitality world go, Giorgio Armani is about two years ahead of Vogue, having opened his $1,089/night hotel in 2010, preceded by the Armani Cafe (also in the Dubai Mall) several years earlier.

Condé Nast Restaurants chef Gary Robinson will offer a menu of international cuisine, as well as an adjacent coffee lounge.

While we have an image in our head of what the café's vibe will be like (pristine leather booths, Vogue artwork on the walls, gaggles of long-limbed models picking at salads), we're just going to have to wait until the place opens and see what's what.

Meanwhile, Aussies, start planning your trip, as Emirates' new partnership with Qantas was announced last month, offering an even smoother connection between the land of Oz and the city of gold.

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