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If You're Flying American Airlines This Week, Your Seat Will Now Be Bolted to the Floor

October 8, 2012 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

At this point you’ve likely familiarized yourself with some of the woes that American Airlines have been facing over the last few weeks. Some of the biggest news was all about those pesky 757 airline seats that just didn’t want to sit in their tracks. Initially it seemed like it wasn’t a problem, then it was a problem, and at some point the shaky seats were blamed on years of coffee, soda, and tea being spilled into the seating tracks.

Well now there’s a little bit of a good news coming to American Airlines, as it seems they have a handle on all these seating shenanigans. As you were finishing up your workweek there were about 40 planes all fixed up and ready to go, and over the weekend the airline putting the finishing touches on all the fixes.

In total there were around 48 Boeing 757s that had their screws tightened and doublechecked, so hopefully your flying week will be free of delays and cancellations.

We do feel a little badly for American Airlines, as they really don’t need any additional aggravation. US Airways seems to be slowly but surely trying to throw their hat into the ring as a potential suitor for American Airlines, and of course that pesky bankruptcy probably doesn’t boost morale. Obviously there was a mistake—or almost 50 mistakes—surrounding these loose seats that probably should have been caught before 35,000-feet; however, we’ve got to believe that American Airlines is still focused on safety despite all their other business and logistic issues.

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