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United, Scoot, and Southwest Lead This Week's New Routes News

October 5, 2012 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the new route announcements that come our way, so we’ve complied a little bit of a rundown below. As long as you can afford the fares, this should definitely help add to your passport stamp collection.

· Southwest Airlines:
It’s a big deal when Southwest Airlines picks a new city to serve, as we’re pretty sure people enjoy lower cost flight options and the ability to check a couple bags for free. That’s why citizens of Des Moines, Iowa are excited, as Southwest has just started flying to and from their local airport.

Technically there was AirTran service here before, but now it’s going to be the blue-bellied planes doing the flying. Flights have already started to do their thing and, as of now, it looks like Southwest is connecting Des Moines with a couple flights per day over to Chicago’s Midway Airport. Now all the city needs is some cheap nonstop flights down to Florida during the colder months, and they’ll be all set.

· Scoot:
We haven’t heard that much from Scoot lately, but all must be going well because they’re getting ready for some new flights to here and there. If the plan sticks Scoot will start flying some of their Boeing 777s over to Tokyo-Narita beginning at the end of October.

The flights will depart from their base over in Singapore, but that’s not it when it comes to their new route news. It looks like China is up next, as the carrier is thinking about also linking Singapore with both Qingdao and Shenyang towards the end of November. Tickets for the new flight over to Tokyo should be available for your booking pleasure as of now, so you’re free to start planning your next getaway.

· Spirit Airlines:
For once we’re not going to say anything negative about Spirit Airlines, and that’s because they keep adding new routes and new destinations week after week. We’ve got to say that they’re clearly doing something right. This week it looks like the folks over at Spirit are getting ready to link Denver with Phoenix-Mesa. It sounds like there will be a daily nonstop each and every day—and in both directions. We won’t mention that you should really watch those additional fees—oops, we just did.

· United:
Next summer is still quite a few months—if not a year—away, but it looks like officials over at United area already planning on when and where to send their planes. Beginning on June 6 of next year, United plans to send some planes, pilots, and peoples from Chicago-O’Hare all the way over to Shannon, Ireland.

The flights will be a seasonal thing, as right now it looks like the flying fun is only scheduled through August 26. Flights will run five timers per week, and if the plan sticks it’ll all be done with some of the carrier’s Boeing 757s. Technically they’re still awaiting government approval, so don’t bust out the credit card digits just yet.

· Hawaiian Airlines:
The new flights between Auckland and Honolulu have not begun yet, but Hawaiian Airlines is already changing up the options between the two cities. Originally the carrier was thinking that it would send some of its Boeing 767s between the United States and New Zealand, but now it looks like they’re upgrading the route. Now the plan is to utilize an Airbus A330 to link the two cities, as Hawaiian Airlines must see the ability to sell a few more seats on this new route. In total there should be around 30 more butts in the seats thanks to the airplane upgrade when the flights finally take off in March of 2013.

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