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Meet Flynt, a Lesson in Airline Social Media Gone Wrong

October 4, 2012 at 2:26 PM | by | ()

Meet Flynt.

Flynt is a puppet. But not just any puppet. He’s a “Very Interactive Puppet” who’s the new face of social media for an airline. Which is a shame, because it’s hideous and patronizing, and all rolled into one ginger puppet.

Which airline could come up with such a hideosity? Spirit? Ryanair? Carpatair? Sadly no. The culprit is KLM—yes, KLM, who we lauded just a few weeks ago as killing it on Facebook.

We’re not sure why they decided to branch out from their excellent main Facebook page with Flynt. He’s not cracking jokes. He’s not snarky. He’s not talking about stuff that’s going on in the world. He’s not offering deals.

Why bother? Maybe it’s the Dutch sense of humor. Maybe most people like creepy-fugly puppets pretending to work at national airline carriers (to be fair, there are lots of posts from the public telling Flynt he’s both cute and funny so maybe we’re Debbie Downing on our own here).

But when we see KLM pouring energy into creating something like this, and mocking up pictures like this and this, all we can think is, if you’ve got so much time to waste and money to burn, we’d much rather you ran a competition or a special offer or gave us something actually interesting. Behind the scenes at KLM glimpses. Baggage handlers’ Instagrams. That kind of thing.

Maybe this is building up to something and we’ll have to eat our words. Hope so. Because at the moment, this looks as embarrassing as it is unnecessary.

[Photo: Flynt’s Facebook Page]

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